Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kansans Against Brownback and More...

There has been a lot of disappointment and frustration among Kansans lately regarding actions that Brownback has taken with legislation and more.

Brownback has cut funding for public schools and arts programs across the state, costing many students valuable opportunities that they may not otherwise have the option to take part in. Brownback has a note on his Facebook page stating that he intends to donate his unspent inauguration funds to non-profit organizations in Kansas ($150,000 worth). The note was posted on July 5th, only two days ago. None of the money that he is distributing goes toward education at all.

And that money that he's "donating" to Kansas non-profits doesn't help at all when things like this are going on: ---Which ultimately means less money for Kansas and other states too.

Brownback recently appointed a lawyer to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.

This action will probably lead to a stronger means to closing the few Planned Parenthood clinics that are left in the state, leaving many women without a way to seek advice or receive care for themselves and for their babies, regardless of abortion services.

Brownback passed legislation requiring proof of citizenship as well as a photo ID in order to register to vote.

While the Constitution does not say anything about requiring proof of citizenship in order to vote, asking for additional proof is aggravating--What is Brownback afraid of? A voter registration card or a state-issued ID should be quite enough. And if they want me to bring my birth certificate, who is to say it it is actually a real one (as in, not believing that Obama's certificate is authentic, because he is of mixed heritage).

The Amendments to the Constitution:

 In order for a recall of the Governor:

Lawrence Journal World posted this online poll today, and it is clear to see how the residents of Kansas feel about Brownback:

From The Topeka Capitol Journal online: ---Regarding his attempt to require couples intending to get married to go through counseling with a religious figure before being allowed to be married. HERE is where he is violating our precious 1st Amendment. Brownback wants to get marriage on the up, and divorce on the downward spiral. Brownback's idea for eliminating divorce rates? Prohibiting divorce except in the cases of physical abuse or adultery. NO JOKE!--"removing government from the lives of the average Kansan and creating a state marriage program drenched in faith-based advocacy." This session cost $13,000 in taxpayer dollars, according to the article. AND: "Clergy members in each Kansas county should sign and enforce a "community marriage policy" to prohibit church weddings unless the couple completed a 200-item, premarital inventory and met several times with a mentor couple trained by the church, McManus said."

Overall I think it is safe to say that Gov. S. Brownback is operating on a level of INCOMPETENCE that would be hard to exceed.